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Unlock Untapped Revenue with Adopt Cashless

A cutting-edge SAAS web-based application designed to empower business operators like you to capture untapped revenue streams and enhance customer loyalty.
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Key Challenges

The Birth of Adopt Cashless

Tap N Go Solutions embarked on the journey to create "Adopt Cashless" after listening to the needs and aspirations of our valued customers.
Loyalty System for Customers
Businesses wanted a robust loyalty system to reward loyal individual customers.
Token Machine Replacement
The need to replace outdated token machines with a modern, efficient solution.
Swipe N Clean System Replacement
A desire to replace the manual accounting and billing process associated with the Swipe N Clean system.
Corporate Customer Billing
The demand for a system allowing corporate customers to manage and receive tax invoices and usage statements for their employees' transactions.
To meet these diverse demands, we embarked on an 18-months journey of development to create a unified platform that seamlessly connected multiple components. The result? "Adopt Cashless."
Adopt Cashless

The Power of Adopt Cashless

Adopt Cashless is built on robust technology that combines the strengths of Salesforce , Nayax, and Stripe

Business Operator’s Portal

A comprehensive portal that gives operators the tools they need to onboard individual and corporate customers, manage accounts, and unlock the full potential of "Adopt Cashless."

Onboard Customers Easily
Account Management Tools
Cashless Adoption Support
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Individual End Consumer Portal

Individual customers are issued RFID cards that work seamlessly with Nayax Credit Card Units at point-of-sale locations.

Customizable RFID Cards
Easy Registration and Top-Ups
Discounts and Auto Top-Up
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Corporate End Consumer Portal

Corporate customers can manage their employees' access and transactions through this portal

Customizable RFID Cards
RFID Corporate Cards
Auto Top-Up Convenience
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Phase 3

Corporate End Consumer PostPaid Portal (Coming Soon)

This portal offers a postpaid billing solution, allowing corporate customers to receive pre-loaded cards and get billed for usage at the end of each billing cycle.
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