TNG 333

Introducing TNG-333: The Ultimate Coin Mechanism Interface
Unlock a new level of efficiency and control in your self-serve car wash bays, vacuum stations, dog washes, and more with the TNG-333 – a revolutionary coin mechanism interface developed by Tap N Go Solutions. Designed to seamlessly bridge between the controller and the coin mechanism, the TNG-333 is the missing piece that elevates your operation to new heights.
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Suitable for

Self-Serve Wash Bays
Dog Wash
Vending Machine

Key Features

The TNG-333 is designed to work seamlessly with QL and SP electronic coin mechanisms, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of machines.
Perfect Compatibility
Along with a 10-way IDC connector for the Coin Mech, it features an un-pluggable terminal block input for a credit card terminal, the TNG-333 offers versatility in payment ,options, meeting the demands of modern customers.
Credit Card Terminal Integration
Built with robust technology, the TNG-333 is engineered to last. Count on its durability to withstand the demands of a busy self-serve environment.
Enhanced Reliability
One of the standout features of the TNG-333 is its ability to enable the counting of cash transactions. Say goodbye to manual tracking and let the Nayax Dashboard take care of your cash transaction management.
Cash Transaction Counting
The TNG-333 is the perfect companion for Nayax products, ensuring seamless integration and enhancing the reliability of your cashless payment solutions.
Seamless Nayax Integration
Taking a 24V AC input and providing a 12V DC output, the TNG-333 efficiently manages power, helping you ensure durability of Nayax Devices.
Efficient Power Management
With an onboard relay to trigger the timer, the TNG-333 gives you precise control over your equipment, allowing you to optimise service durations for your customers.
Timer Control
The TNG-333 is designed for easy installation with its DIN Rail mount feature, saving you time and effort during setup.
DIN Rail Mount
Its sleek and modern design not only looks great but also adds a touch of sophistication to your operation's aesthetics.
Sleek Design
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