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Cashless Business Payment Systems

The right cashless payment solution can keep your business truly hands-off. Let us create a payment system tailor fit for you and your business needs!
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About Us

Your Payment Solutions Partner

We're not just a payment solutions vendor but a true partner for your business.

Since 2019, we've been helping businesses implement new technologies to improve profitability and customer experience.‌ That means carefully evaluating your business needs and delivering the required services to implement those technologies successfully.

Self-Serve Car Wash
Dog Washes
EV Charging
Automatic Car Wash
Vending Machines
360˚ Solution
360˚ Solution
We provide hands-off businesses with advanced payment solutions and dedicated customer service.
360˚ Solution

At TapNGo Solutions We provide  hands-off businesses with advanced payment solutions and dedicated customer service.

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Self-Serve Wash
Automatic Car Wash
Dog Wash

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Our Key Features


Proven Payment Technologies

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction


Dedicated Professional Service

Flexible Payment

We focus on providing exceptional payment solutions to the unattended sectors. We offer businesses the latest payment technologies and software solutions from Nayax and our proprietary technologies.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction makes us provide close, caring service to all our customers. We ensure your payment technologies work as advertised and with the reliability your business needs for success.

We offer installation services throughout Australia to all our customers to ensure your cashless payment solution is set up correctly from the start.

The last thing you want to deal with is a broken payment terminal with no one to fix it. That's why we provide personalised 1-on-1 assistance to our customers. We're always on call for unexpected breakdowns and ready to provide ongoing training whenever needed.

We have flexible payment plans and lease arrangements for your hardware procurement needs. Our subscription services use a usage-oriented model. You won't have to worry about overpaying for services you don't use.

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Cashless Saas

Adopt Cashless SAAS

Explore untapped revenue streams through our Adopt Cashless SAAS! Efficiently manage your corporate customers' credit card usage to simplify the bookkeeping processes.

Our system seamlessly accepts payments directly from connected bank accounts, consolidating transactions into a single entry.
We're a platinum reseller

Nayax Cashless System

Nayax is one of the top brands of cashless payment systems and services for unattended businesses.

They create payment solutions ideal for kiosks, vending machines, carwashes, and similar hands-off businesses.
We're a platinum reseller of the Nayax Cashless System in Australia and New Zealand.
We can provide your business with payment solutions technologies to guarantee smooth customer payment service.
We also have proprietary hardware and software solutions designed for the Nayax ecosystem, making Nayax a true 360˚ solution for your payments.
New Zealand
Tap N Go Solutions provides unattended businesses with secure, reliable, and user-friendly cashless payment systems. We're not just selling products – we're offering comprehensive solutions that enhance reliability, simplify operations, and drive business revenue growth.
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